Thursday, January 29, 2009

Genting Trip..


on 28th of daddy decided to meet his old buddy...he's the Manager of FIRST WORLD in GENTING has been a long time that we never went up to Genting sister's boyfriend went too..lemme show u some photos~!=)have fun viewing...

My parents..=)

My sis n mum...

My family~!

Thats all...=)


Thursday, January 8, 2009

My hobbies n bla bla...heheh

erh..I'm backkk..

This time..i wanna intro u bout my hobbies...n other stuff..


i lurve to hang out with friends

i lurve to play football

i lurve to drink....[beer]

i lurve to listen to music


i hate to be lonely

i hate that my friends lie

i hate my parents to nag at me

i hate that ppl bully me

uh..thats all..hehe..don laugh..coz..i donno wat to tell~byee~



uhm..this is my first time blogging..if this sux..pls tell me..

my name is Andrew Tan...

i live in Kajang...The Famous place for...''satay''..

i love playing football and surf the internet...LOL

acctually...there's nothing else...heheh....